How It Works


1. Select Item

Visit the workshop page (place link for the workshop page). Select the item which you would like to order. 

2. Product Details

Select the details of the product you would like to order, e.g. quantity, size, material, etc. Skip artwork upload and select 'No' on 'Request Designer. 

3. Add To Cart

Add your item to your cart. Once you have completed your shopping you can fill in your delivery details and check out 

4. Checkout

Fill in all necessary detail at checkout i.e. your personal information and billing or shipping address.

5. Request Invoice

After filling all details at checkout, instead of selecting a payment option, select 'Request Quote'. A quote/invoice will be mailed to you. 

6. Customer Service

Your order is delivered. Customer service is one of our core business values so we will send out an optional survey to rate our service. We love hearing all types of feedback, so please don’t be shy!